Yummy Doggie Cookies

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Making another batch of yummy doggie cookies for Ellie cuz she has a friend coming over!

changed it up this time around so that it has more of a cookie crunch versus the other one made.

1 1/2 cups quick oats, blended to grind to fine powder
1 banana
1/2 cup Peanut Butter
1 tsp Honey

mix all.  roll onto the Silpat to 1/4″ thickness or so.  Use cute cookie cutter to create shape.  Bake at 350F for 15 mins.

Ellie: Mommy, please stop taking pictures and put it in the oven!

Doggie Cookies 4

made a lot….

Doggie Cookies 3

Ellie’s happy face

Doggie Cookies

Ellie’s sad face cuz she still hasn’t eaten any…

Doggie Cookies 2

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First Birthday Party for puppy Ellie

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So if you have been following…the birthday hat won’t stay on, the cake is ready…so it’s time to party!  the official first birthday party for our puppy Ellie has begun!

First, the goods: a new dino toy, a jar of natural (no salt, no sugar) Peanut Butter, beef treats, and a smoked bone – not a bad loot for our girl I think.


The obligatory pose with her goods (this shot took awhile to get since we think she’s afraid of the candle)


one with her daddy


make your wish sweetheart!  (likely more squirrels to chase, more bones to chew, and tennis balls to play with)

Ellie_BdayCake_party8 Ellie_BdayCake_party5

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Doggie Birthday Cake for Ellie

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With all the cakes I have made for family and friends over the  years, there was no way I would not do the same for my Ellie girl’s first birthday!  I looked online for inspiration – something that didn’t have flour in it.  Ellie isn’t intolerant to grains, but figure why put it in if I can avoid it.  Got enough inspiration, so got to it. super easy, enough to make one ramekin sized cake for my pup.

She didn’t leave my side the entire time, and got to reap the rewards of licking the spoon and bowl clean!

DoggieBdayCake3 DoggieBdayCake5

Ellie even sat by the oven while it was baking…to be honest, it did smell pretty good


Shot of the pupcake before frosting:

DoggieBdayCake DoggieBdayCake2

Added a coconut oil frozen bone for decoration, plus a candle of course, and voila!

is this made for me?!

is this made for me?!

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Winter Fun with a Snow Dog

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Ellie = Samoyed Puppy = Snow Dog.  Just a fact.  Toronto hasn’t snowed much this year (Global warming?!), but we finally got a good dump of it in January…and let me tell you…Ellie just LOVES it.  my new favourite hashtag on Instagram (@Pettie2222) has been “#wheresthedog. Sometimes when I look for her in the backyard, I literally have to do a double take to find my white dog in the snow.  As you may have guessed, I have about a million (slight exaggeration but not by much) pictures of Ellie playing in the snow.  Here’s some of the favourite dozen!


white bear spotted

white bear spotted





goofy girl just wants to play in the snow pile

goofy girl just wants to play in the snow pile

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