DIY: Framing Instagram Pictures using Ikea Malma

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I came across a Pinterest post that was super smart and creative – she used Ikea Malma mirrors as the backdrop for her photos.  Brilliant! and so cheap!  I love Ikea hacks!  Rather than getting a typical photo frame that would be easy $5-10 each, the Malma mirrors was $1.99 each!  Plus it is surprisingly hard to find a frame that has a square insert.  Ikea had one, but it was $12 each.  nope.  that just won’t do.

This little arts and craft project was fun and super easy. and really took all of 15 minutes to do.  I would say the hardest/longest part was opening up the tight plastic that came with the mirror!

Oh, and the actual hanging of the frame afterwards by Nick took some time – not because it was difficult – he just put in a screw with a head that would fit into the pre-drilled hole at the back of the frame. He likes to use his laser leveler and ensure everything is measured out and precise. super cute.

Here’s all I used to do this project.  Trusty Mod Podge glue that I already had, paper cutter (already had), a small sponge brush, and the Ikea Malma frames. I didn’t bother sending my pictures to a print shop, I just did it on my colour laser at home.  Total cost including tax: $13.56 for 6 framed Instagram pictures of my puppy!

Materials required for this simple ikea hack

Since I had my paper cutter, I thought I would bust it out instead of using boring scissors.  made the project seem that much more hardcore lol.  each picture was cut to 3.75″ x 3.75″.  I love my puppy pictures!

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DIY: Making a wreath for Double Doors

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This Christmas I finally decorated the house (somewhat).  Garlands, front door wreath, candles etc.  Had Nick put these 3m anchors on the front door to put up the Xmas wreaths.  It looked lovely.  Then came January…then February….and finally took down the wreath (yes 2 months later).   And that’s when I started looking at 3 plastic hooks on my front door.  x 2.  I have a double door.  the 3m held up so well that pulling it off likely will peel the paint and be more of a pain.  Plus I’ll need it back come Christmas time as I really like the look of having the wreath.  That’s when I started going on Pinterest (most dangerous app ever – full of inspirations and late night scrollings).  Via Pinterest, I came across How To Mom blog, who made a wreath for $15 vs the $50+ ones I see in stores that I don’t even like.  what a great idea and thrifty too!  It’s arts & craft time! I forget sometimes how much I love it.

Cost of 2 wreaths all from Michael’s (I love that store!):

Grapevine Wreath $4.99 @40% off x 2 + tax = $6.76

4 bunches of plastic flowers (on average $2.5 after using 40% discount + tax) = $11.3

2 burlap ribbon 2 1/2″ x 3 yd on sale at $3.99 on sale + tax = $9

So my total was $27.06. or $13.53 Cdn each. Score!

To be fair though, I had many of the other necessary supplies, so no extra cost there (floral wire, wire cutters, hot glue)

I didn’t time myself – but it definitely didn’t take long.  And it was enjoyable time as well.

I started with the ribbon first.  I ended up making a double layer ribbon out of the fact that Michael’s ran out of the original white burlap design and 1 spindle of ribbon wasn’t enough, and instead of driving to another Michael’s, I just chose another colour.  Laziness turned out in my favour as I really liked the effect of the double layer colouring.

Supplies for making a wreath

getting ready for wreath making

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Making a wish…tree

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Simplest decor project – making a wish tree.  The most difficult part was sourcing the branches. After numerous searches online, I found the best price at Blooms & Branches:

2 x Sandblasted Manzanita Branches, 18″-24″  = $17.78

Used one of the many glass vases I had lying around the house.  Got Nick to drill the branches into a styrofoam ball to secure the position.

Wishing Tree Wishing Tree2 Wishing Tree3

Poured sand at the base to cover the styrofoam, then layer with medium sized rocks, and finally topped with small white stones. (rocks and stones bought at dollar store).  Wrap a double ribbon around the vase to make it prettier.  Hang some plastic crystals on the branches.

Wishing Tree4

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Project Terra Cotta Pot

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My little lemon tree came in a 10″ black plastic pot with drainage holes on the bottom and sides.  Currently it’s sitting on top of a baking tray because that’s the only thing I have at home to hold any water that may seep out.  Not too pretty…so comes project Terra Cotta pot!

Found a 12″ terra cotta pot from Ikea on sale for $3.99.  what a deal!  I decided that I would seal it, paint it, glaze it and voila – as good as any other $30 dollar pots.

TerraCotta Pot

Step 1 – grab a 40% off coupon from Michael’s and get a sealer and paint.  Decided on a bright yellow and plain white paint colour.  Bought mod podge sealer.

TerraCotta Pot2

Step 2 – tape up paint areas – paint away – 3 coats seems to do the trick

TerraCotta Pot3 TerraCotta Pot5 TerraCotta Pot6 TerraCotta Pot4 TerraCotta Pot7 TerraCotta Pot8

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